We’re seeing a bit of a canyon wind tonight into Albuquerque thanks to our dry backdoor cold front squeezing through Tijeras Canyon. Gusts will generally fall under 20 mph. But skies are clear all over as plenty of dry air will win out with this forecast, as will milder temps. We managed to top 62° at the Sunport. It was 57 in Santa Fe, 64 from Roswell, and 51 in Farmington for Saturday highs. The cold front will take temperatures a few degrees away from these Sunday. Otherwise, we’ll continue to see milder than average temps with abundant sunshine.

Our upper level low will continue to drift east into central Texas, taking the clouds and showers with it. That was about the only event for the whole month of November! It’s been very dry and quiet thanks to high pressure. We’ll continue where we left off as another ridge builds across the Great Basin to our west.

This will keep our skies clear and our temperatures nearly 10° above average through the first weekend of December. Not only are precipitation chances nil, but clouds will be at a premium through this forecast. All next week, we’ll see large daily temperature swings thanks to clear skies, lighter winds, and this fairly strong high pressure. There are some hints of our pattern changing heading into the second week of December. Stay tuned!