The first significant fall storm system that we have been talking about all week is arriving this weekend. Today there was already some breezy winds, but temperatures remained above average. Tomorrow winds will come along with a cold front, bringing significantly stronger gusts and wetter conditions.

Strong winds will begin to push into the state late tonight and into tomorrow afternoon, gusting up to 60+ mph over the Central Mountain Chain. Gusts could be even higher over the San Juan Mountains. They will continue to remain strong over the northeast highlands, possibly damaging 40-60 mph gusts. High wind warnings are in effect from 6 AM through 7 PM Sunday across the state.

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As the cold front pushes south, temperatures will plunge and moisture will return. This will allow isolated showers north/west on Sunday, pushing south/east on Monday. Snow is expected at higher elevations, with a Winter Storm Warning in effect for portions of the San Juan Mountains, and Winter Storm Watches in effect for the southern San Juan and northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains.