NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Seasonable temperatures and calm conditions will persist through mid-week, brought by upper-level westerly winds. This will usher in warmer conditions than last week into Wednesday. Today, however, will feature a bit more cloud coverage compared to Monday. This will keep temperatures a degree or two cooler than Monday, especially east.

Wednesday will be a lovely December day with plenty of sunshine before a huge arctic blast of frigid air pushes into the United States. It will impact Eastern New Mexico beginning Thursday. Far northeast areas may see wind chill -25 to -35 below zero, which is why a Wind Chill Watch is in effect until 11 AM Friday morning.

By Friday, the arctic air will have taken control of the east. Everywhere along and east of the Central Mountain Chain will remain below freezing throughout the afternoon. Warming temperatures and much more sunshine and calm conditions are expected by the weekend. A lovely Christmas day is ahead.