NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Two storms will be bringing snow, rain, and strong winds to New Mexico through Wednesday. Heavy snow will fall in the northern mountains, while southern and eastern parts of the state will see potentially damaging winds.

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The first of two winter storm systems is moving through New Mexico Monday. It continues to bring rain and high elevation/mountain snow to the parts of the state. Rain will be pushing into eastern New Mexico this evening, while snow continues across northern New Mexico. However, overnight wrap-around moisture will bring more snow to central and northern New Mexico. This could bring travel impacts to this part of the state through Tuesday morning. There is a chance for a dusting of up to 1″ of snow in the Albuquerque metro.

While we get a break between storms Tuesday morning and early afternoon, the biggest impact during this time will be the wind. Winds will pick up all across New Mexico Tuesday morning with the strongest winds between 7:00 a.m. and noon. Gusts up to 40 mph will be likely statewide, while some areas, especially in eastern New Mexico could clock gusts as high as 50-75 mph. Winds will die down slightly Tuesday evening as the next storm moves into New Mexico.

Heavy snow will be possible as a cold front sweeps across New Mexico from west to east Tuesday evening into early Wednesday morning. The heaviest snow will stay in western and northern parts of the state, but once again, a chance for snow is possible early Wednesday morning in the Albuquerque metro. The biggest travel impacts from these two storms will be Tuesday night into Wednesday morning for the western, central, and northern parts of New Mexico.

A backdoor cold front could even bring blizzard conditions to northeastern parts of the state Wednesday morning.

Quieter, but much colder weather will return by Wednesday night. The coldest day this week will be Thursday afternoon, but it will be sunny and dry. Warmer weather will return through the weekend, but another storm is possible beginning Sunday.