NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s a wet day across the state, but it really depends on location whether there is snow or rain falling to the surface. To the north and west, along with higher elevations, snow continues to accumulate as temperatures are right around freezing. To the south, east, and even across the Rio Grande Valley, temperatures are too warm so precipitation is falling as rain. Rain with push across the eastern plains this afternoon while snow falls over the northern mountains.

Forecast Continues Below

Most of the heavy activity will dissipate later tonight, allowing just some isolated snow flurries across the north and maybe western parts of the state. This lighter activity will continue across the mountains into Wednesday early afternoon as winds pick up across the east. Gusts may get up to 50 mph east of the Central Mountain Chain, with the highest winds expected over the Guadalupe Mountains.

Temperatures will continue to cool down to below average into Thursday. By Friday, another storm will arrive to the state, bringing even cooler temperatures and more chances for rain and snow. The colder air will stick around throughout the weekend, before another system affects the state into early next week.