Monsoon moisture has returned for this holiday weekend ahead, expected to continue to surge across the state through July 4th. This plume of moisture may even stick around through next week, but how much and for how long is still a bit uncertain.

Tonight shower and thunderstorm activity will persist through around midnight before winding down overnight and into early Saturday. Higher elevations have already received anywhere from 0.5-1.5 inches of rain, with even more possible into your Saturday. Tomorrow will be kind of a rinse and repeat of today, with afternoon showers and storms popping up in the higher elevations and slowly moving E/NE over lower elevations.

Flash flooding remains a threat as a healthy amount of rain has already fallen, leading to mostly saturated soils, and more rain on the way. Flash flooding for the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon, Black, and Cerro Pelado burn scars is the greatest concern this weekend.

A majority of the precipitation will favor the eastern slopes of the Central Mountain Chain westward, where the monsoon moisture plume will be located this weekend. No day is expected to be an all day rain event, just afternoon and evening storms. Any outdoor activities you may want to do this holiday weekend, either grab an umbrella or try to get them done earlier in the day rather than later.