Temperatures will be chilly this evening for Trick-or-Treaters. A warming trend will continue for the rest of the week with temperatures back around average by the end of the week.

Happy Halloween! High temperatures have begun a warming trend Tuesday afternoon all across New Mexico after the entire state dropped below freezing to begin the day. Now, most of the state has climbed back into the 40s and 50s this afternoon. If you are planning on heading out this evening for Halloween, you’ll probably want to bundle up with already chilly temperatures and those temperatures falling quickly afternoon the sun sets this evening.

Another round of widespread freezing temperatures will arrive by Wednesday, but it won’t be quiet as cold as this morning. Our warming trend will continue in the afternoon with slightly warmer high temperatures. High temperatures will climb back to seasonal average by Thursday afternoon. The warming trend will continue into the weekend with warmer than average temperatures both Saturday and Sunday. Winds may get a little breezy in the afternoon, especially across eastern New Mexico this weekend. While the next several days will bring warmer weather drier weather will also stick around with no chance for rain or snow in the next seven days.