NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A picture worth hundreds of thousands of likes. An Eastern New Mexico University Student is learning what it’s like to go viral after she snapped a photo of an incredible sight.

ENMU basketball player Laura Rowe is learning what it’s like to get a lot of attention from around the world on social media, and it’s not for her skills on the court, but her eye for photography. “I took that picture and I had no idea it was going to do what it did,” Rowe said.

On Sunday, Rowe and her boyfriend were driving about an hour east of the New Mexico state line when they saw storm clouds on the horizon. Instead of heading home to Portales, they started storm chasing, driving down back county roads. “It was just really incredibly stunning, the sunset was absolutely gorgeous and we were watching this storm. I told him, ‘I think we’re a little close. I’m a little scared,'” Rowe said.

The couple had been driving around for about three hours when they came across the scene. Amazed by the sky, Rower used her iPhone to snap the photo. The 21-year-old posted the photo on social media. “People are sharing it like crazy which is incredible and I’ve gotten so many kind messages from so many people around the world,” Rowe said.

More than a million people have liked the shot of the storm on Facebook and Twitter. Rowe calls it a once in a lifetime photo. “This was like literally just right place, right time,” Rowe said. “It’s incredible how it’s impacted people and I just feel so blessed that I could provide some sort of happiness in their day.”

With so many requests, Rowe has now created a website where people can purchase the photo.