Drier air has moved into New Mexico and has scoured out the moisture across the state. Warmer and drier weather will continue into the weekend, but another surge of moisture is possible next week.

Dry air has limited rain chances for most of New Mexico Thursday. A quiet and cool night is in store though as drier and drier air continues to move in from the west/southwest. Winds will be increasing into this weekend, with some breezy conditions possible in the afternoon. All of this will create warmer temperatures will highs climbing above average for the middle of September this weekend.

The monsoon isn’t done just yet though. There is a lot of uncertainty in the details of next week’s forecast, but it is looking more likely that a surge of monsoon moisture will return to parts of the state. The uncertainty is in where that plume of monsoon moisture will set up and how much rain we could see. Keep an eye on the forecast for next week.