NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – People in different parts of New Mexico are battling rising rivers, washed-out bridges, walls of mud and water-covered roads. Felipe Cordova and mary Ann Sena live off County Road 65 in Dixon.

They’ve been surrounded by water flooding by them five times now with the recent storms. Water is crossing also Shawnee, east of Dexter, and running into Hatchery. At least one person was trapped there in their vehicle Wednesday morning off Joyce Orad and had to be rescued.

Firefighters are doing their best to help people but they also are being put in danger. The water there just keeps rising as the Pecos River continues to breach its banks. Video taken Tuesday shows how quickly the water can move.

While homeowners are doing their best to protect their homes, it’s becoming frustrating for some. A couple in Rio Arriba County says theres just not enough help out there.