ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – From the first crescendo to the last beat of the drum, high school marching band students from across the state left it all out on the field at the 40th annual New Mexico Pageant of Bands.

It’s what you work for it’s why you wake up every morning to be able to show off what you can do with a group of other people

Orlando Dominguez, Valley High School Junior

For hundreds of kids across New Mexico, the competition is their chance to shine after months of practice and dedication. It all began Saturday morning at Wilson Stadium and wrapped up with an awards ceremony, happy tears, and proud parents at 5:30 p.m. that evening.

This year some students were fighting for more than just the trophy. They were also bringing attention to the importance of arts education ahead of the November 5th election which includes mill levy questions for Albuquerque Public Schools, some of which would go towards funding new band equipment for schools in need, should the public vote it through.

We don’t have the opportunity, or the money to be able to fix these things this year because we lost that mill levy so it’s really important that we get out and vote this year.

Mark Ellington, Valley High School Band Director

Band parents say high school programs not only give kids a creative outlet but also help them prepare for life after high school.

I think his ability to memorize things, his ability to work within a group and to help those struggling…those are all good skills that are going to stand in good stead as he grows up and goes out into the world .

Tish Frederick, freshman band mom

Regardless of how each band performs, kids say it’s an experience they wouldn’t trade for the world, and parents say it’s an outlet that needs to be protected, and cherished.

The truth is going out on the field like that you are one band, you’re one sound and it’s one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever have.

Alyssa Daniel-Peterson, Valley High School Junior

Results for 2019 Pageant of Bands


  • 1st West Mesa
  • 2nd Del Norte
  • 3rd  Valley High
  • PC Kirtland Central


  • 1st Piedra Vista
  • 2nd Belen
  • 3rd Shiprock
  • PC Piedra Vista


  • 1st Goddard
  • 2nd Albuquerque
  • 3rd Sandia
  • PC Sandia


  • 1st Centennial
  • 2nd Volcano Vista
  • 3rd Los Lunas
  • PC Centennial


  • 1st La Cueva
  • 2nd Eldorado
  • 3rd V. Sue Cleveland
  • PC Eldorado