ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Local cleaning company, Sandia Green Clean, is going above and beyond to clean the homes of cancer patients for free.

“That’s really fulfillment at the highest level that you can’t really get from other things. It’s just a much deeper reason we have to serve this community here in Albuquerque.”

Brandon Schoen, Sandia Green Clean

It’s all part of their business model to practice responsible capitalism, a notion that all good businesses should give back to the community that helps them thrive.

“You can make money you can be a job creator but you can also give back to the community.”

Brandon Condrey, Sandia Green Clean

Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen founded the company back in 2017, and almost immediately started their outreach program called Clean to Care.

Every time a cancer patient of any gender, with any type of cancer leaves their chemo treatment at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center, they drop off their hospital wrist band in a big bowl. Then, every quarter, the hospital chooses new patients to to add to the program.

For patients like Jill Sabia, who’s being treated for metastatic breast cancer, getting the call that they’ve won a free three months of home cleaning, is like winning the lottery.

“It just really made me feel like there are people there are organizations out there that really do care. It restores you faith in mankind, if you will.”

Jill Sabia, Battling Breast Cancer

Currently, Sandia Green Clean is working to clean the homes of 12 cancer patients. Each of whom get six free cleanings over the course of three months. The costs are absorbed by the company who says the loss in profit is worth the reward of helping people in need.

Sandia Green Clean also accepts nominations for people who are deserving of the Clean to Care service. To learn more about the service or the cleaning company itself, click here.

Jill Sabia with family