ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The City of Albuquerque revealed Tuesday that three more speed cameras are up and running. They have also already caught thousands of drivers going over the speed limit. The three cameras were placed on along Lead, Coal and Unser on Friday.

“We’re continuing to expand this program into places where we know speeding has taken a huge toll on quality of life, and made people feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. These three new locations are a direct reflection of what these communities need and have been asking for,” said Mayor Tim Keller in a news release.

Two of the three newly installed cameras have been placed on Lead and Coal, both at Cornell between Yale and Girard. The city says since going live on June 10, the cameras have caught 557 drivers going 11 miles an hour or more over the 30-mile an-hour limit on Lead.

So far, they’ve captured 73 cars doing 11 or more over on Coal. The third camera, which is on northbound Unser at Tower, is the busiest of the three. About 20% of the 25,000 vehicles that have passed the camera have been recorded going 11 miles or more over the 40 miles an hour. That’s more than 5,000 vehicles in four days.

The original three cameras that have been live since May 25, have had more than 108,000 vehicles speeding 11 mph or more over the limit. The cameras caught 24 vehicles going 100 mph or more, the highest speed clocked was 119 mph on Gibson. Two of those cameras are on Gibson Blvd. in areas with a posted 40 miles per hour speed limit. Another camera is on Montgomery Blvd. near Eubank.

The city now has six cameras throughout the city. APD will only send out $100 fines to the worst of the worst speeding drivers. They’ve approved 25,000 tickets so far. APD and the city hope to have ten cameras by the end of the summer.

An aggressive driving unit is also going live this week. Citizens will be able to upload photos and video evidence they’ve collected during an aggressive driving or road rage incident. Two full-time detectives will be following up on those cases.