ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police say streetlights played a role in an early morning pedestrian crash Monday that left one man dead. A small Honda SUV hit a pedestrian on the I-25 frontage road south of Tramway at Eagle Rock.

According to officers, the street lights were out on the west side making the area very dark – something drivers in the area say is not uncommon. “I’m always on the road so I see…I’m out in the nighttime too, so I see a lot of roads that are kind of dark. So it’s hard to see people sometimes too,” said driver Rudy Aragon.

Once on scene, an APD traffic unit learned someone had made a call for service for a man walking in the middle of I-25. Before officers could get to the area, the man was hit by the SUV. The woman driving the Honda stayed on scene and APD says speed and alcohol don’t seem to be contributing factors but since the streetlights were out, the area was very dark.

Drivers say they hope the city becomes more diligent in fixing street lights when they’re out. Aragon continued, “Fix the lights if they’re broken, turn them on. I mean, I’m sure there’s a lot of streets out here that need repairing or need new lights so yeah, just help people out that are walking so they won’t get hit by cars.”

The pedestrian that was hit died and according to APD, there are no charges at this time due to pedestrian error since he was walking in the road. The city says the streetlights have been out for some time due to copper theft but DMD is working with a third-party contractor to get them fixed. 

A spokesperson for the department says supply chain issues have also caused long delays. They say getting equipment is taking as long as six months to a year.