ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A northeast Albuquerque neighborhood frustrated with constant speeders is one step closer to slowing things down. A neighborhood, plagued for years by speeders and heavy traffic during school commute hours.

The problems in the neighborhood near Sandia High School near Pennsylvania and Candelaria prompted city councilor Tammy Fieblekorn to commission a study. Last week, neighbors got an update. According to a recent study, a number of crashes have taken place in the area because of dangerous drivers.

“We have a fatal crash at Pennsylvania and Comanche. We had a couple of years of serious injury crashes at Pennsylvania and Claremont and over on Aztec,” said the engineer.

The study found many drivers are going well over the 25-mile-per-hour limit on what should be quiet residential streets. As for how to fix the problems, the engineers behind the study had some ideas.

“We were recommended that these three segments of [the] road are striped for on-street parking,” the engineer said.

In addition to stripes marking the parking areas along some streets, the intersection of Claremont and Utah could have a roundabout installed. Other areas could have speed humps installed, as well as centerline striping. Other suggestions include expanding sidewalks and creating safer crossings for pedestrians.

One area that would not have much change though is Pennsylvania because of how busy the street is. “Pennsylvania is not a local street. It’s a collector street, and it’s going to have different usage requirements.”

The engineering firm behind the study is still taking feedback from the public, as they prepare their final recommendations. Another meeting is expected after the public comment period closes on June 19.

If you would like to contribute to the public comment you can contact Lee Engineering at