ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A speed radar set up in a Northeast Heights neighborhood is supposed to be helping traffic in the area, but neighbors say it’s actually causing a more dangerous situation. After raising concerns over speeders for a long time, the Albuquerque Police Department put a radar unit along Ventura, but residents are giving mixed reviews, saying the unit is obstructing their view. Other say they are happy something was finally being done about the speeding problem.

“Not only Ventura, but this street here in San Francisco you hear it all day long and just see it (speeding) routinely,” said Sandi Olona. However, some residents have taken to social media complaining that the radar unit is blocking their view and making it more dangerous to make a left turn. Others say they’ve almost hit someone or almost been hit.

With mixed feelings about the speed radar unit, some residents say people just need to be more cautious when driving. “If you can’t make a turn then you need to navigate a little bit better,” said Rich Dafter.

After several complaints, APD says they’ve moved the speed trailer and says drivers should be in the clear now. They say if there are more complaints, they will reassess the new location. People say they’re just glad there’s now an effort to keep their neighborhood safe.

The posted speed limit is 40 miles per hour in the area. However, several drivers were observed disregarding the speed radar, going faster than the posted speed limit. The city is also bringing as many as 30 speed cameras to the city’s problem areas. There will be posted warnings that cameras are in the area. The fines will cost $100.