ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – “You can hear them racing down the highway.” While this stretch of Coors isn’t a highway, some drivers act like it is.

“There’s times where we’ve have to pull out at 60 miles an hour just so we don’t get run over by the people speeding down the highway coming out of this development, so it’s been crazy,” Renee Regal, an Albuquerque resident, said.

That’s why the city recently installed speed cameras along it, one on Coors Bypass just south of Ellison and one between La Orilla and Eagle Ranch.

“I think it’s a great thing. I think it will be beneficial. I think the people who know Coors, they’ll know it’s there, and they’ll start slowing down,” Regal said.

Others aren’t convinced speed cameras are the answer, saying they find the cameras more of a problem than a solution in the long run.

“It will help people slow down, but it’s just putting more on people, more drawing money out of their pocket that we really don’t have,” Samuel Parker, a resident, said.

These are the first speed cameras installed along Coors since the technology was taken down last year on Coors and Fortuna. That speed camera was shut down in its first month after it was citing drivers who weren’t actually speeding.

For now, those who live along Coors are crossing their fingers these new ones are here to stay. “If it’s going to be permanent, that’s a great thing. If it’s only temporary, they’ll know when it’s not there anymore, and they’ll probably go back to speeding,” Regal said.

Both of the cameras along Coors are currently live. The city said the first camera on Paseo Del Norte will be added just west of Louisiana in the coming weeks.