ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – For some drivers, 40 mph is just a suggestion along Montgomery Boulevard. Michael Ortega has lived along Montgomery near Wyoming for more than 20 years and says the speeding along it is out of control. “As time goes on and there’s more mods that come out for these cars and motorcycles, unfortunately, this is where they want try it out on Montgomery.”

Ortega’s neighbors agree. “We just had a baby so, you know, nap time is very important to us,” says Loren Ortiz. “Being so close to Montgomery, I mean, we’re one block off, so it would be nice if we didn’t have to worry about that kind of activity.”

But there’s new hope for those who live along the stretch. The city added two more speed cameras along Montgomery, both east and westbound between Wyoming and Louisiana, that are now officially live.

While the city has said the cameras have gotten drivers to slow down, not everyone is convinced this will solve the problem. “I feel like in the past when we have had those kind of cameras they haven’t really made a huge difference so hopefully this will,” Ortiz said.

As KRQE reported last week, many of the $100 fines being issued from the cameras aren’t being paid. At least 400 drivers have three or more unpaid tickets more than 90 days old. For now, Ortega is holding his breath these cameras will make a difference. “I’m hoping it will help,” he says.

The city will be rolling out more speed cameras in the coming week; there is no word yet on where they will be. According to the city, the camera eastbound on Gibson gives out the most tickets and the one on Lead gives out the fewest.