ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Roswell City Council is looking at a $1.1 million road construction project that will bring something to one stretch of road that it has never had before. City council will meet on Thursday to introduce a new resolution for a road improvement project on North Atkinson between Second Street and Cherry Street.

“The scope of work is to completely remove all the pavement go down 18 inches and rebuild it from the ground up. We’ll have base course, geogrid, six inches of new pavement,” said City Engineer Louis Najar. “We will be build sidewalk, where there is no sidewalk at this point and putting in wheelchair ramps to meet the new specs.”

This is all part of a federal government project by the New Mexico Department of Transportation, that requires new road projects to install ADA compliant ramps at intersections.

“I’m very excited to get these projects going, get them built. That way council will give me more money for the following year,” Najar said.

Roswell does not know how many intersections in the city are not ADA compliant. If the council approves the project, construction will begin in September and should be completed in December. City council will also be discussing other projects including water line replacements in the Edgewood neighborhood that could cost the city up to $1.1 million as well and trail access near the Spring River Zoo.

The city is also in the process of filing an application with NMDOT as an extension of the Atkinson project. The federal government will reimburse the city for the million dollars once it is complete and meets ADA requirements. The city hopes to take advantage of this money for several other road projects.