ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A brand new roundabout in the northeast neighborhood off Holly and Ventura is getting mixed reviews, with some drivers saying it’s adding confusion to an already congested area.

The developers behind the newly constructed roundabout, Titan Development, say the new construction will prove a big help with the changes coming soon to the neighborhood.  Titan Development, who’s bringing the 111-unit, luxury apartment complex to the Heights, partnered with the City of Albuquerque to build the roundabout for easier navigation. “We did a traffic study and the reason we did a traffic study is the city had some concerns with the way the intersection of Holly and Ventura was functioning,” said Titan Development Partner, Brian Patterson.

As of Wednesday, after navigating through five months of construction detours, some drivers in the neighborhood say they felt optimistic about the newly constructed roundabout. “Hey Albuquerque needs more of them, they have too many four-way stops that they can do that with,” said Albuquerque driver, Kim Krubsach. Other drivers say they preferred the way things were. “I think it’s strange. I think it’s going to add more confusion and probably cause more accidents. We didn’t need it,” said Albuquerque driver, Mia Lymburner.

Thursday afternoon, KRQE cameras captured many cars navigating the new conditions without a hitch, but there were a few drivers who did experience some confusion, with some stopping in the middle while navigating their way through the roundabout. During rush hour traffic, cars backed up into the roundabout, as drivers waited for the light at nearby Paseo to turn green. 

Drivers like Mia Lymburner say the new conditions have them gripping onto their steering wheels a little tighter. “It’s shaky, I did it yesterday for the first time and you have to watch cars and you watch what you are doing and watch the arrows on the road. It’s a little much, it’s too much. “I am really not sure why it exists, not sure a straightaway between here and there would have made more sense. That again adds a layer of confusion,” added Lymburner.

Brian Patterson, partner for Titan Development says the improved traffic study in the area shows a roundabout is the best solution for the intersection. Patterson says he is confident the confusion will ease in the coming weeks as drivers get used to the roundabout.