NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The New Mexico Department of Transportation Park and Ride announced it will re-establish service to coincide with the New Mexico Rail Runner Express schedule. The trains will be running on a limited weekday schedule.

According to a news release, to provide a safe environment for passengers and staff face coverings are mandatory. Also, extensive sanitizing of vehicles, hand sanitizer stations, vehicle air circulation, and social distancing measures are in place.

The news release states that the Santa Fe South Capitol and New Mexico 599 Rail Runner Station shuttles will resume service on a modified schedule to connect with the train service. Blue, Purple and Orange routes will also be slightly modified to connect with the South Capitol Station shuttles. At this time, the Turquoise route remains suspended.

Service resumes to the NM-599 Station Shuttle and South Capitol Station Shuttle as follows:

  • NM-599 Station shuttlesare scheduled to connect with two arriving, morning northbound trains and two afternoon/evening southbound departing trains at the NM-599 Station.
  • South Capitol Shuttlesare scheduled to meet two arriving, morning northbound trains and two afternoon/evening southbound departing trains at the South Capitol Station.

Schedule changes:

  • Passengers needing transportation to Los Alamos, please transfer to the Northbound Purple Route departure from NM-599 Station at 7:23 a.m.
  • Passengers returning to NM-599 Station to head southbound on NM Rail Runner Express from Los Alamos, please take the Southbound Purple Route with an arrival time at the NM-599 station between 4:40 p.m. and 5:50 p.m. to meet the 4:51 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. train southbound, respectively.
  • The Southern Route schedule remains unchanged.

Fare collection resumes Monday, March 8:

  • Purple, Blue, Orange: $3.00 one-way, $90 monthly pass.
  • Red, Green: $2.00 one-way, $60 monthly pass.
  • System-wide monthly pass (Rail Runner and Park & Ride): $150.
  • March and April 2020 Park and Ride monthly passes will be honored through May 2021.
  • A new Mobile Ticketing option is available and links to the Android and Apple apps are available at:
  • You can still either pay exact fare while you are boarding, obtain a monthly pass in the previous manner via the website at or at the monthly pass vending locations.