SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Each year, the City of Santa Fe Public Works Department works to repair potholes on roads throughout the city. Their efforts for this year’s Pothole Palooza started last week and crews have already repaired over 1,000 potholes.

The crews aim to start their work as the weather warms up in late February and early March. This allows them to take advantage of the warm and dry spring weather.

Repairs are being made starting on either end of Santa Fe and crews will work their way to the middle of the city. The City of Santa Fe says, “two crews are working at least ten-hour shifts, four days a week, to expedite pothole repair.” High-traffic roads are being repaired during the night shift and lower-traffic roads are being worked on throughout the day.

The city explains that the crews are using both a “cold mix” and a “hot mix” of repair materials that allow potholes to be fixed as the temperature fluctuates. Along with the repairs of paved roads, street grading crews are also working during this time to refurbish washboard and potholed dirt roads.

Community members can report potholes or other road issues online through the city’s website,