ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – A wild scene in Roswell occurred on Thursday involving a driver speeding in excess of 100 mph and running stop signs. According to Roswell Police, they are now investigating two crashes, one of them left a passenger dead and sent another person to the hospital. “Sideswipe to impact, approximately 19 to 18 seconds according to call logs,” said Chaves County Undersheriff Charles Yslas.

Thursday morning around 10:30 a.m., a Chaves County Sheriff’s deputy responded to this horrific scene where officials say a speeding driver hit another car head-on. “Three individuals were transported, including the suspect – one fatality,” said Yslas.

The impact killed the passenger instantly, and the driver, who was the victim’s mother, was taken to the hospital. Officials say the reckless driver flew past the sheriff’s deputy at extreme speeds, before sideswiping one vehicle, and then crashing.

“The vehicle is several blocks ahead, estimated six to eight blocks ahead, of the deputy where an impact occurs, the deputy then calls out at 10:38:54 a head-on collision has occurred,” Yslas said. He says the deputy was unable to catch the vehicle after it flew past him because of the speeds he was traveling.

“The speeds were well in excess of the posted speed limits. The deputy is obviously doing between 45 and 40. The vehicle passes him at an extremely high rate of speed leaving him several blocks behind,” said Yslas.

Police say the victim was a 31-year-old woman and could not confirm if alcohol or any drugs were a factor in the crashes.

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