ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The City of Albuquerque wants to put a few new road projects on a priority list for federal money. Tom Menicucci, a Project Analyst with the city, says they’d like to see the next round of federal fast act dollars for the projects

There’s no estimate yet on how much a new interchange would cost, or how long it could take to gather all of the funding. If these projects end up making it onto the state’s lists for federal funding, they wouldn’t replace other priorities on the list, such as new interchanges on I-25 for Montgomery and Gibson.

One of the projects would occur near the Rio Grande and I-40 where the city would like to see a new interchange. During peak rush hour times, the area is known to get congested as drivers try to get on the interstate; the city’s hope is to alleviate some of the traffic.

Menicucci says the I-40 interchange project is just one of six projects placed high on their priority list as the state’s Department of Transportation asks for federal money. With the new interchange at I-40 and Rio Grande, the city wants to revamp the areas that also serve pedestrians and bicyclists around the interchange.

The city also wants some new features along I-25 between the Lead-Coal exits and Gibson. The city hopes as the DOT gradually fixes up that stretch, there will be money for sound walls to keep the noise out of the neighborhoods along the freeway. “Sometimes it looks like you get used to it, but most of the time, especially if you want to sleep during the day,” said Pete Gallegos, who lives near the busy interstate. The city says with extra funding they want to see something about the complaints. “We would really like you to put in sound walls for that neighborhood because… just to kind of improve the quality of life,” said Albuquerque City Council Project Analyst, Tom Menicucci.