ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bernalillo County will soon be implementing speed vans which will further automate the county’s speed monitoring and enforcement systems. The plan was approved by county commissioners Tuesday night, Feb. 21.

This change comes following the success of the speed camera program that the City of Albuquerque launched last year. The vans also allow for a key change – mobility. The speed vans will allow speed cameras to monitor roads outside of city limits. Bernalillo County also got permission from the Department of Transportation to operate the vans on busy state roads like Paseo, Coors, and Rio Bravo.

Similarly to the city’s ordinance, speeding tickets will be reviewed by a human before the citations go out. Violators can either pay a $100 fine or choose community service following speeding violations. Bernalillo County Commissioner Walt Benson says, “this isn’t a money generator. It’s for safety and noise. We’ve got plenty of streets that need cleaning so if we’ve got community service, that’s great.”