ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The City of Albuquerque said 16,000 cars pass by one west-side intersection each day. People who live nearby say the intersection is dangerous and they are begging the city to do something about it.

People who live close by to this intersection of Universe and Ventana on Albuquerque’s west side are convinced this is a problem spot. “Last night I came across an accident that happened just right here and sure enough someone got side-swiped and it was a pretty bad accident,” said a man who lives nearby but didn’t want to be identified.

Pieces from the crash are still scattered across the street. “Accidents continue to happen here,” said the man. “This was probably the third one I’ve seen here in the last couple of months or so.”

Neighbors are worried about drivers on this road, especially after two young men were killed in a crash on Thanksgiving day two years ago a couple of blocks away.

“I expressed my concern that there may be a fatality on this road with the speed and amount of traffic that comes through,” said the man.

For years, this neighbor has asked the city to reinstall the stop signs that were taken down on Universe after the city installed a traffic signal at the Universe and Irving intersection. Even though police said Tuesday night’s crash only caused minor injuries, many on the social media app Nextdoor are vocal about this intersection.

“Do we meet in the middle and put in a round-a-bout? Do we put up another traffic signal?” asked the man. City Councilor Cynthia Borrego said in part, she met with locals and engineers years ago. She said engineers recommended against reinstalling the extra stop signs but after recent comments, she’ll ask city engineers to look at additional safety measures at this intersection.

Neighbors want something done before someone gets hurt or killed here. “I know people may complain about the traffic that may happen but I’d rather get home safe than not at all,” said the man.

The city said they’re willing to reevaluate the intersection but said they’ll have to wait until the pandemic is over when traffic levels are back to normal.

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