ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  Drivers are calling the road design at Osuna and Seagull a head-scratcher. Some are getting confused on the route and ending up getting cut off by drivers who think they’re following the rules of the road.

“It’s been a problem area. I’ve been here for about three years. It’s like a confusing situation the way it’s set up. You have to be familiar with the area,” said Albuquerque driver Octavio Fernandez.

Drivers like Fernandez, who frequent the intersection daily, say the problem is after coming around a curve, the westbound lane splits into two as the intersection approaches. “This one, the way it’s set up, the lines are supposed to go to the left, and the one on the right is supposed to turn, but the people on the right, I guess, think that it’s supposed to be the same where right at the light it turns back into the one section, one lane and I feel it’s very dangerous,” added Fernandez.

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To make matters worse, drivers say the bike lane is suddenly wedged between the through lane and the right turn lane… leaving bicyclists at risk of getting hit. “Sometimes there’s a bike lane, and then there’s a car that is going that way. So, I’ll stay in the correct lane, and I’ll be like, what’s going on here? Sometimes the bike will go straight, and I’ve seen where a car almost hits a bike.”

After observing the area for more than an hour, about a dozen cars were found making the mistake–looking to go straight down Osuna, but instead of veering to the left, they ended up in the bike lane or the right turn lane, only to merge back in. “I myself have almost hit the car that’s passing me that’s not supposed to be passing me. It’s just very confusing, so I feel like something needs to get done about that,” said Fernandez.

A Department of Municipal Development spokesperson says the city is aware of the confusion. They are working on a solution to include more striping and a sign to make the area safer. The city hopes to have those improvements in place before the end of the year.