The NFL offseason is in full swing, which means it’s a perfect time for analysts to kill some time by putting out rankings that can get people all fired up about a sport that doesn’t have any meaningful games for quite some time. 

That’s what happened Thursday on ESPN when Robert Griffin III presented his top five quarterbacks in the NFC. 

Nothing too crazy about that, right? 

Well, the names on his list told a deeper story about the state of the conference and how much better the AFC is right now at that very important position. 

Here’s the former NFL QB explaining his top five: 

Jalen Hurts is great and coming off a very good year in which he led the Eagles to the Super Bowl. 

The rest of that list is tough. 

Is Kirk Cousins really the second-best QB in the NFC? Really?

Dak Prescott is very good but needs to have some postseason success. 

Kyler Murray suffered a major knee injury last season and will likely miss a bunch of time in 2023. 

Geno Smith had a nice comeback season for Seahawks but he wouldn’t come anywhere close to the top five in the AFC.

Speaking of the AFC, that division has Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and Justin Herbert. And soon it might have a fella named Aaron Rodgers. 

Yeah, the NFC is not great in comparison. 

NFL fans were quick to point that out: