Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce broke the internet on Sunday when the pop singer showed up at Arrowhead Stadium to watch the Chiefs blowout the Bears

She was fired up when the tight end caught a touchdown pass and the two were later seen awkwardly walking out of the stadium together

Things then went quiet (to the joy of lots of NFL fans) about the possible couple over the past few days, with everyone waiting to see what Kelce would say on his weekly podcast, New Heights, with his brother Jason.

The episode is now out and here’s some of what Kelce had to say, including him calling Swift “ballsy” for coming to the game:

"Shoutout to Taylor for pulling up - that was pretty ballsy. That was pretty ballsy,” Kelce said. "I just thought it was awesome how everybody in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her. She looked amazing and everyone was talking about her in great light and on top of that the day went perfect for Chiefs fans, of course. We script it all."

Here’s some more on the relationship:

Kelce added this about their departure from the stadium:

Kelce wrapped it up with this: 

"Shoutout to Taylor for coming through and seeing me rock the stage."