Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert suffered an injury to his left middle finger during his team’s win over the Raiders on Sunday that required a splint, but he had some fun when talking to reporters after the win. Evidently, the signal-caller is a Monty Python fan. 

“It’s but a scratch; just a flesh wound,” Herbert said. “[It] just got stuck in a helmet.”

For those unfamiliar, Monty Python was a British comedy troupe, and Herbert is quoting the popular 1975 comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Specifically, he’s citing a scene where a knight’s arm is cut off. Unfazed, the knight simply says “tis but a scratch” before continuing the fight. After losing his other arm, he forges on and says it’s “just a flesh wound.”

When asked if the injury is actually a flesh wound or if he was quoting the movie, Herbert said, “That was just a quote,” per The Athletic’s Daniel Popper

Herbert apparently injured his finger when it got stuck in a helmet while he threw an interception to Raiders cornerback Tre’von Moehrig. Despite the injury, Herbert returned to the game and finished with 167 passing yards, one touchdown pass and two scores on the ground. Herbert, who was still wearing the splint after the game, said the pain wasn’t bad, according to ESPN

Herbert has never missed a game in his NFL career, and it looks as if the Los Angeles star intends to play through the injury. The Chargers have a bye in Week 5 and play next on Monday Night Football against the Cowboys on Oct. 16.