Jeff Van Gundy turned heads on Wednesday when he proposed some major rule changes for the NBA, with the goal of speeding the game up.

Among the rule changes Van Gundy floated was to eliminate free throws until the final four minutes of a game, suggesting players would just receive the points instead of taking trips to the line. 

Additionally the 61-year-old suggested the NBA does away with halftime, or at the very least, shorten it.

His suggestions caught the eye of Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, who shared his thoughts on one of Van Gundy’s proposed adjustments.

“I’m w him on halftime lol... I do not fw it,” wrote Lillard on Twitter, indicating that he’d be more than happy to see the NBA cut down on the length of its halftimes.

Lillard didn’t reveal his stance on Van Gundy’s proposal for free throws, however.

Halftime in the NBA is currently 15 minutes. Van Gundy suggested eliminating it entirely, or shortening it to around five minutes, allotting players enough time for a bathroom break before playing the game’s second half. 

It would certainly be a big change to the rhythm of an NBA game, but one of the league’s biggest stars appears to be on board.