Twins reliever Jorge López had a really bad night on Wednesday—made even worse by an unfortunate mixup in the dugout after his outing was over. 

After Louie Varland pitched seven scoreless innings against the Twins, López was called upon to pitch the eighth inning. He wasn’t exactly as spotless as Varland, though. The very first pitch López threw was a fastball that could not possibly have been more in the middle of the zone. Jake Meyers jumped on it and hit a home run to right-center. His second pitch was in the dirt. His third pitch was a hanging slider that Yainer Diaz demolished for another home run. 

López walked the next batter he faced, then hit the batter after that with a pitch and was promptly pulled from the game without recording an out. 

When López returned to the dugout, television cameras captured him attempting to pour water on his head to cool down. Except it wasn’t water. It was Powerade. 

López did grab a second cup of liquid—this one apparently full of water—and dump it on his head to wash the sugary blue drink out of his bleached hair. Then he punched the cooler. Who knows whether the punch was because he was upset with his performance or because he just gave himself a Mountain Berry Blast shower? Both are equally frustrating.