LONDON (KDVR) — The question coming into the game at Wembley Stadium was will jolly old England be jolly for the Denver Broncos?

The team traveled halfway around the world looking for the cure that ails them. Quarterback Russell Wilson wasn’t as dependent on his wolverine blood this past week as he was knee raisers on his flight over.

“The first two hours on the flight I watched film,” Wilson said. “The next four hours, I was rehabbing (his hamstring). I was going down the aisles doing knee raisers while the guys were asleep.”

No one should care if he was doing pull-ups hanging off the wing at 39,000 feet — he had to win a football game and he was trending to get his chance against Jacksonville.

“I feel great and am ready to roll. I’m super locked in and hopefully, we can get a big win in London. Obviously, it should be a key game for us,” Wilson said prior to the matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday.

The outside noise around Wilson is nearly deafening, but he claims not to notice it.

“You’re aware of it just because of how the world works. I’ve just tried to stay focused on the team and getting better as a group. The thing is, we control the outside noise by the way we play,” Denver’s QB said.

So, on we go. Eight weeks in, their playoff chances perhaps mortally wounded, but still trying to figure out how to look closer to the team that was expected than the one it’s turned out to be.