DENVER (KDVR) — Along with the new season comes new uniforms for the Denver Nuggets. The team left a special spot for the Mile High City this year.

The Nuggets tweeted the new uniforms on Thursday morning. The uniform stays mostly navy, but the front of the jersey features “5280” across the chest.

The “5280” is positioned where the numbers used to be. This year, the biggest number on the front is dedicated to Denver, with the individual player’s number on the top right in a small format.

Wrapping around the entire uniform is a silhouette of the mountains.

The National Basketball Association attributed this uniform to the team, players and city being intertwined.

“5280 is more than a measurement – it is a number woven into the culture and fabric of Denver,” wrote the NBA.

If you want to match the Nuggets, the 2023-24 City Edition collection is available online now.