ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – UNM Men’s Basketball has added some size this off-season and that includes 6’8 forward, Josiah Allick. Allick is a senior transfer from Kansas City and he says that getting acclimated to Albuquerque was a little strange at first.

“In terms of literally getting acclimated, like when I came down here June 2nd on my birthday, probably for about a week I got a bloody nose everyday. You know, at first I was like, I didn’t know if I slept wrong, or had a fan pointed on me or something and it was like every single day, I was like what is going on. I found out it was just my nose getting not used to having all the moisture in the air and so, that was probably the most literal part of getting acclimated”, said Josiah Allick.

Getting used to the desert climate is one thing, but so is changing his wardrobe. Allick showed up to UNM in June wearing a fur coat, his teammates thought it was interesting, but Allick hopes to bust out the coat at some point in the future.

“It will make an appearance at some point, but so far it hasn’t got below 85 yet. It might have to be a planned out thing. Something with air conditioning, definitely not going to be apart of any daily wardrobe so”, said Allick.