ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Jackson Wink MMAA Academy has roughly 40 students enrolled in their adaptive program. The “show what you need know event” is the perfect opportunity for people enrolled in the Increbile Adaptive MMA Program to do just that.

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The program is designed to help at-risk and special needs people get active. The students showed off their submissions, mitt work, and other skills picked up at the academy. The owners of Jackson Wink say they come out with more than fighting knowledge.

“So these students, in the whole program itself, are basically getting confidence. So they learn that confidence through these techniques that they master, by working one-on-one with their coaches and gaining personalized attention to learn martial arts,” said Heather Winkeljohn, president of Incredible Adaptive MMA.

The “show what you know event” ended with several of the students receiving their new belts, which signifies what they’ve learned.