ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque native Steve “Mean Machine” Garcia is set for UFC 275 on June 11. Not only will he be fighting his opponent Mahesate, but he will also be fighting for his next UFC contract.

“I got to shine man, I got to shine,” Garcia said. “There’s nothing more to it, I got to win, I got to shine, I got to make an argument why they should bring me back. Why I’m an asset to UFC and that’s what I’m going to do on June 11th. That’s the only thing I have on my mind right now.”

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In addition to the stress of a fight, and an expiring contract, Garcia will also be fighting outside of the country for the first time, as this bout is in Singapore. “Being part of the card is going to be great. Seeing a place that I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed to go and see, I mean this is like a place where people have bucket lists.”

Mahesate is Chinese and it has been hard for Garcia to gather film on him. Despite his lack of knowledge on his opponent, “Mean Machine” believes he has enough to get the win.

“He’s honest pretty well versatile, he’s a mixed martial artist,” said Garcia. “He doesn’t really have a specialty, at least from what I’ve seen. Guy is pretty well-rounded but I think I’m on a different level and I think it’s going to show in this fight.”

With a win, Garcia would improve to 13-4, and 2-1 in UFC. He believes that would warrant another contract. “Give me another fight, and then we’re going to get another four in a row and just going to keep winning and keep racking them up.”