ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico racing legend Al Unser Sr. passed away at his home in Chama, New Mexico on Thursday. Unser Sr. left his mark on the world of auto racing as one of only two to be in the Indianapolis 500 four times. In 1987, his final victory, he became the oldest to ever win the race at age 47.

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KRQE Sports met up with him in 2016 to talk about his first-ever Indy 500 win. “It’s one of those deals that when you first win it you wonder how or when or if you’re even good enough to win Indy and then all of a sudden you’re coming down to the last few laps and you say oh please. You’re talking to the car. Please don’t break. Please don’t run out of fuel.”

Unser’s Jon, Al Jr. spoke on Twitter about his father’s passing saying, “My heart is so saddened. My father passed away last night. He was a great man and even a Greater Father. Rest In Pease Dad!” Al Unser Sr. was 82 years old. Funeral services are still pending.

On a lighter note, the Lobos are looking to get Sebastian Forsling, a freshman center from Sweden, more playing time. “I told him before the game that I’m going to go to you as the backup five and I thought he was good,” said coach Pitino. “He works so hard. Phenomenal teammate. I mean just amazing, never has a bad day.”

Forsling has previous experience as a role player but stays ready when given an opportunity. “For me, I always been that guy,” says Forsling. “My freshman year at high school I was always [on the bench] because we had a dominant big when I came in. We had the best high school in Sweden so I knew I would sit on the bench, but whenever you get your opportunity take it.” The Lobos play next on Sunday at the Pit against UTEP.