ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Basketball League (TBL) has announced a new expansion team that will play in New Mexico. The minority-owned team has partnered with the Santa Ana Pueblo and is currently in negotiations to play at the Rio Rancho Events Center. “The brand of product on the floor is going to be great,” said TBL President David Magley. “Fun basketball up and down, great dancers, great entertainment, that’s a given, but more than that we want to be an asset that you are proud of.”

The team will also have a two-time NBA champion leading the charge. Former Chicago Bulls power forward Cliff Levingston is excited to coach a team in New Mexico because of the love of basketball in the state. “That is what really got me excited about the basketball,” said Levingston. “They enjoy basketball, they know basketball, and they love basketball. When you have that, you already have your foundation and I am going to build something that the community will be very proud to wear the colors and the name of the team.”

Fans will have a chance to vote for the name of the new team next month. Local basketball players will also get an opportunity to try out for the team on Oct. 28 at Tamaya Wellness Center. Athletes between the ages of 18 to 32 are encouraged to try out. The new team is hoping to compete in the TBL upcoming season in March.