ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico United kicked of fits conversations with the community Tuesday night, about the possibility of building a soccer stadium. Team owner Peter Trevisani fielded questions from the community about the project, especially how it might affect the immediate surroundings.

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Right now, the top two proposed sites are in the downtown Barelas neighborhood. “I think the community needs to be involved in the design, some of the design decisions. How can it best benefit the Barelas community? We want to hear from them,” Trevisani said.

Trevisani also addressed concerns about putting $50 million in city bond money toward the project. A common complaint from community members is that the money could be better spent on more pressing needs especially coming out of the pandemic. “Just like we don’t put all of our money into one thing, whether it’s homelessness or crime, we have to do both, and then we have other things like education and health, we have a lot of needs. We also have to have things that provide hope for some people too,” said

City councilors are set to decide later this month whether to put that $50 million bond question on the ballot. The team is planning more public meetings across the city.