ALBUQUERQUE N.M. (KRQE) – The New Mexico Ice Wolves kicked off their first official main camp Wednesday at the Outpost Ice Arena. Over 100 players made the trip to Albuquerque to hopefully secure a spot on this teams inaugural roster.

“There is one from Russia, there are several from Europe, a few Canadians, a lot from Minnesota and I just talked to a young man from North Dakota,” said owner Stan Hubbard. “They are at the top of their game.”

Among the players trying out is Rio Rancho Native Tanner Colyer. After playing competitively Colyer took time off last season and almost gave up hockey until head coach Phil Fox reached out to him.

“To have a coach from the North American Hockey League reach out and say ‘hey, I’ve seen you play before, why don’t you come out and try out for the team this year’,” said Colyer. “It was a really cool feeling. The league itself, it’s one of the top junior leagues in the country and to be apart of that, especially in my hometown with all my friends and all of my family to support me and to see me go through with it, it would be awesome.”

Of the 100 players trying out, only around 28 players will make the roster for the Ice Wolves this weekend.

New Mexico Ice Wolves main camp schedule:

  • Wednesday, July 24 –Games start at 4 p.m. MT and run through 9 p.m. MT
  • Thursday, July 25 – Games start at 8 a.m. MT and run through 8 p.m. MT
  • Friday, July 26- Games start at 8 a.m. MT and run through 6 p.m. MT
  • Saturday, July 27 – All-Star Game at 11 a.m. MT