ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Tuesday night, New Mexico United will be playing their first-ever league game at UNM’s soccer stadium. Playing at UNM’s much smaller stadium will be a different experience for the fans—where some could end up standing.

New Mexico United was supposed to be playing this game Saturday night. It was postponed because the opposing team—Phoenix Rising—had COVID-19 issues. With the Isotopes back in town, the United had to move across the street.

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“The first thing that happens is we all feel a real sense of disappointment. There’s 13,000 people that were gonna come Saturday and it was gonna be one of the top-attended games of the league this year, one of the fiercest rivalries,” says Peter Trevisani, owner of New Mexico United.

He says they expect around 5,500 fans to come to Tuesday night’s game. They’re even selling standing-room-only tickets to accommodate more people.

Even though they’ve played open cup and preseason games at UNM in the past, this is the first time they’ve had to shift a regular-season game to this venue and Trevisani says it takes a lot of logistics. “Obviously, financially, it’s a disaster. But, that’s ok. We have a 100-year plan. We know there’s gonna be hiccups. We had 2020—we played every game in a row. We didn’t sell a single ticket,” Trevisani says.

He says the venue change is a great example of the need for the team to have its own home. “Back in November, there was a vote that didn’t say no to a stadium, it just said no to that funding mechanism for a stadium being led by the city. We heard what the people said, we’ve been working on it really hard–I think in the next month or two we’re gonna make some exciting announcements,” Trevisani says. “I think what we see—and tonight’s a great example—is our city’s growing. We need more facilities. That’s a great thing. And we’re gonna lead it privately and I’m not stopping till we make it happen. So it’s a life mission at this point.”

They’re offering disappointed fans trade-in and credit options for Saturday’s rescheduled game. The team says UNM has been instrumental in getting this soccer stadium ready and staffed in a 72-hour timeframe, and they feel lucky they were able to make this work.

Trevisani says they will be offering the usual concessions ad merchandise, but cautioned the lines may be long due to the stadium’s resources. “Let’s understand that UNM has put this together on short notice. They’re gonna do everything they can. But the concession lines may be really long. You may not get the perfect seat. So if you want to get a seat, get here early. And just be patient, understand this is the best we could do in short notice,” Trevisani says.