ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – “The Basketball Tournament” (TBT) is underway across the country, and on Monday night the Pit will host the Albuquerque Regional. The Enchantment (Lobo Alumni and others) will play the Panamaniacs (NMSU Alumni and others) on Monday at 8pm in a first round match up.

That is a highly anticipated match up, but on Sunday night the Enchantment already picked up a victory. Former Lobo and current Enchantment sharp shooter, Anthony Mathis competed in the TBT’s 33-point contest, which is a head to head competition that consisted of 3-rounds on Sunday night in the Pit. The first shooter to make eleven 3-pointers moved on to the next round, and Mathis won all three rounds and will move on to the 33-point finals which will be in Dayton, Ohio, and will be shown on ESPN.

“I mean, last year I got the opportunity to go to Dayton, but like I said I wasn’t able to go because of the Summer League mini camp. So, I was sitting at the San Antonio Spurs facility watching the shooters in Dayton which was unfortunate, but its just sweet to get back” said Anthony Mathis.

Mathis even beat a Panamaniacs shooter in teh 1st round of this contest on Sunday, and he hopes that is the same outcome on Monday when the Enchantment meet the Panamaniacs in the actual TBT Tournament. “They put me up against the Panamaniacs shooter first, so I mean, we wanted to get started off on the right foot and I am looking forward to coming out and playing at a high level tomorrow”, said Mathis.

Last year the Enchantment lost in the first round in what was their first ever appearance in the TBT, but now heading into this year JR Giddens feels that this team will come out strong. “We didnt take a loss last year, I looked at it as a learning experience, we were young. SO, this year we are going to come back with more experience and a lot more fire and passion and I think that everybody has a better feel of where we need to be as a team. So, I think we will be more than ready to go out there and perform”, said JR Giddens.