ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – For the past few years, the Lobo Women’s Basketball team has been a little undersized in the front court. The tallest player on the roster in recent years stood at 6-1, but UNM has now gotten significantly bigger, with a 6’5″ transfer from Mississippi State.

Giessen, Germany native Charlotte (Charlie) Kohl began her collegiate career as a Bulldog at Mississippi State, but after a coaching change, she followed first-year Lobos Assistant Head Coach Keith Freeman to UNM. Kohl spent three years competing against some of the best talent in the country in the SEC and is adjusting to the speed of the game as a Lobo.

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“It’s a different challenge sometimes because some players are significantly shorter than me,” said Kohl. “So, it’s a different way for how I have to guard and play, I have to get used to that, but I really enjoy being the tallest and being dominant in the paint.”

Kohl only arrived in Albuquerque in June, but her presence is already being felt. Opponents will also feel her presence very soon.

“I think I’m a pretty physical player,” she said. “I like to push and bang in the paint. I like to rebound. I like to finish close to the basket.

“I mean, she really works at it,” said Head Coach Mike Bradbury. “She watches film non-stop; she’s in the gym non-stop. She’s making herself into a good player.”