ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – University of New Mexico football returned to workouts on Monday. Around 60 players participated in workouts Monday but they did so in groups for safety. This team has a long way to go but first-year Head Coach Danny Gonzales was just happy to get his team back together. 

“It’s really exciting to get back. I don’t have to say this anymore, today would have been the 108th day that we would have not been around our guys, so that number will stop at 108 and we have got a new number, it’s 54. we are counting them down until we get to kick-off for the 2020 season and today was a good start,” said Danny Gonzales. 

Safety is on the minds of everyone at UNM and football is taking every precaution as they are screening players before every practice. So with safety being a big priority, the next would be getting these players back on track. 

“Today was an easy lift, I mean they did breathe hard we did push them, but it’s about keeping them safe and knowing where they are at and by the end of the week we will know how far we can push them and week two we should see some vast improvement from where we are at now and that will ramp up for the next five weeks before we start up July 31st when we have our first real practice to get ready for Idaho State on the 29th,” said Gonzales. 

Gonzales believes that there will be a football season in 2020 but he is now focusing on getting his team prepared for whatever happens.