Jordyn Smith is not your typical 13-year-old soccer player, as she has dropped everything and moved from home to play soccer at a prestigious level. “I think that I have always wanted to go competitive since I was little, but something that I have taken a huge step in is moving away from my parents to go and play for the development academy”, said Jordyn Smith.

Seven months ago Jordyn started playing for the Utah Royals Development Club, which is associated with US Soccer and houses some of the best players in the country. “It’s been a whole other level playing against all the best girls and getting a lot more scouting chances. I think its a lot better for me and my soccer development”, said Jordyn.

She is on the right path to make it to her ultimate goal, but she has sacrificed a lot. “Some people think we are crazy that we would send our 13-year-old off to go play soccer but, for some people its just a game, but for her it is a dream and I would never want to do anything to hold her back from accomplishing her dreams”, said Jordyn’s father Chad Smith.