ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – John Dodson is officially going to be apart of the upcoming BKFC 28 fight card. Set for August 27th at the Rio Rancho Events Center, Dodson will fight Ryan Benoit in a flyweight co-main event bout.

“I am so excited to be on this card, like yes, bare-knuckle is coming out here, and I still get to be co-main event on this thing. I am going to sit here and knock this dude out because I have not lost in Albuquerque and I am not going to let that happen right now . Ryan Benoit is going to catch these fists of fury and I am making sure I can put him to sleep”, said John Dodson.

This will be Dodson’s and Benoit’s bare knuckle debut, but Dodson feels that he will have the upper hand in this fight. “Well we can already tell that me against Ryan Benoit, I am going to be way sexier, way more handsome, and I am going to be the flashiest fighter, but in all seriousness, I am going to be the fastest man and I am going to hit him the hardest he has ever been hit in his life. He is going to realize that he chose the wrong opponent for his debut in the BKFC”, said Dodson.