ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Jayme Hinshaw is ready to try something new. The Fit NHB atomweight’s next battle will not be MMA but bare-knuckle. “I never professionally done bare-knuckle fighting, but I grew up here in the south valley,” said Hinshaw. “So, I’ve had my fair share of street fights and bare-knuckle. So, it’s nothing new to me.”

It will be the first action for Hinshaw since 2019.  “I actually took time for myself to just reset, you know what I mean, and heal old injuries and work on myself,” said Hinshaw. “Came back just refreshed.”

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Refreshed and ready to exact revenge on her opponent Carrie Robb. The two have a history together after meeting in the octagon for an MMA fight. “I actually wanted to take off the gloves, especially for this one,” said Hinshaw. “It’s a revenge fight, I guess you can say. We had fought before, and I lost. So, I’m going to take that win back.”

Hinshaw and Robb will meet at the Rio Rancho Events Center on Aug. 27. Hinshaw, who is 4-4 in MMA fighting, is looking forward to fighting in her home state. “That actually makes it that much more amazing to be able to showcase all my hard work and everything I’ve been working on in front of my hometown,” said Hinshaw.