ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – UNM Football is now under 2 weeks away from their season opener with Maine at University Stadium. The team is feeling optimistic after fall camp and players are saying that some former local high school coaches and now UNM assistants are making an impact.

UNM Safeties Coach, David Howes and UNM Quarterbacks Coach Heath Ridenour are both on this UNM coaching staff. Coach Howes is a former high school coach at Rio Rancho and he says that being apart of this team is a dream come true. “I pinch myself everyday because not only do I get to coach division I football here in New Mexico. You know, I get to represent all the high school coaches here that I hold near and dear to my heart”, said David Howes. “Oh he is very influential. You know, I can call Coach Howes whenever and he is going to pick up. His wife, Mrs. Howes you know, she bakes us, she’s a great baker if you didn’t know that, she bakes us brownies all the time, they invite us over to the house whenever. you know, we are basically like his second family”, said UNM safety Jerrick Reed.

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The quarterbacks at UNM also have nothing but good things to say about former Cleveland High School Coach and current UNM QB Coach, Heath Ridenour. “As far as building leaders I think he is a, he’s a great leader himself right, obviously being a great coach at Cleveland high School and winning state championship after state championship. You know he has that leadership factor and he has definitely brought that into the quarterback room”, said UNM QB Miles Kendrick. “Man, I love it, I love it. I love the staff and being with the staff is good, I am learning a lot. football is awesome and its important, and that’s one of the best things is that football is important at the University of New Mexico. So, the kids have been great, the culture is great, and I’m excited for fall”, said Heath Ridenour.

UNM’s season opener is now September 3rd at 6pm against Maine.