NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Holly Holm is the UFC “Queen of Clean” and she has the numbers to prove it. No fighter has been tested more in the UFC anti-doping program, administered by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, more than Holm.

The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion has been tested 50 times in five years. USADA honored Holm Thursday for her years of keeping it clean with a letterman jacket.

“This shows and it’s what all of us know internally is that Holly Holm is as much of a legend, a role model, a leader outside the octagon as she is in the octagon,” said UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky.

Novitzky went on to say that Holm actually has 51 tests under her belt after taking another one before the presentation Thursday. It’s validation for Holm who stresses the importance of always being careful of what she puts in her body.

“I think that is probably my biggest nightmare to have something come back like that because I spent my whole career making sure that I’m clean and making sure I work hard for it,” said Holm. “That is my biggest nightmare because one thing that could happen, one picogram that doesn’t really do anything can really taint your whole legacy and have people question everything you do.”

Holm, who recently completed a second victory over Raquel Pennington, said she was ready to fight again. Since the fight last month Holm has been spending extra time with her father Roger who suffered a stroke during fight week. Holm said her dad is now doing very well.